The following schedule outlines towpilot assignments for the current year.  To discuss weather, starting times, or other, contact the towpilot listed for the specific date.

LSC Members Note - As, this schedule was prepared prior to the beginning of the flying season, it is subject to modification as the year unfolds.  For up to the minute scheduling information, go to the Louisville Soaring Club Facebook Page.
Tow Schedule
Tow Schedule
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  Saturday 03 Call for Tow
Sunday 04 Call for Tow
  Saturday 10 Call for Tow
DST Begins Sunday 11 Call for Tow
Saturday 17 Call for Tow
  Sunday 18 Call for Tow
Saturday 24 Call for Tow
Sunday 25 Call for Tow
Saturday 31 Call for Tow

Easter Sunday 01 Call for Tow
Saturday 07 Call for Tow
  Sunday 08 Call for Tow
Saturday 14 Call for Tow
Sunday 15 Call for Tow
Thunder Over Louisville Saturday 21 Call for Tow
  Sunday 22 Call for Tow
Spring Meeting Saturday 28 John Uhl
Sunday 29 Randy Elkins

Derby Saturday 05 John Uhl
Sunday 06 Bill Renda
  Saturday 12 John Uhl
Mother's Day Sunday 13 Randy Elkins
  Saturday 19 Phil Newman
  Sunday 20 Paul Osborne
  Saturday 26 John Uhl
  Sunday 27 Randy Elkins
Memorial Day Monday 28 Bill Renda

  Saturday 02 Phil Newman
  Sunday 03 Paul Osborne
Saturday 09 John Uhl
Sunday 10 Paul Osborne
  Saturday 16 Phil Newman
Father's Day Sunday 17 Paul Osborne
  Saturday 23 John Uhl
  Sunday 24 Randy Elkins
Saturday 30 Phil Newman

  Sunday 01 Paul Osborne
Independence Day Wednesday 04 Phil Newman
Saturday 07 John Uhl
  Sunday 08 Randy Elkins
Saturday 14 Phil Newman
Sunday 15 Bill Renda
Saturday 21 John Uhl
Sunday 22 Randy Elkins
Oshkosh Saturday 28 Phil Newman
Oshkosh Sunday 29 Paul Osborne

August   Saturday 04 John Uhl
  Sunday 05 Paul Osborne
Saturday 11 Phil Newman
Sunday 12 Paul Osborne
  Saturday 18 John Uhl
  Sunday 19 Randy Elkins
  Saturday 25 Phil Newman
  Sunday 26 Paul Osborne

  Saturday 01 John Uhl
  Sunday 02 Randy Elkins
Labor Day Monday 03 John Uhl
  Saturday 08 Phil Newman
  Sunday 09 Paul Osborne
Saturday 15 John Uhl
Sunday 16 Randy Elkins
  Saturday 22 Phil Newman
  Sunday 23 Bill Renda
  Saturday 29 John Uhl
  Sunday 30 Randy Elkins

  Saturday 06 Phil Newman
  Sunday 07 Bill Renda
Columbus Day Monday 08 Paul Osborne
  Saturday 13 John Uhl
  Sunday 14 Randy Elkins
  Saturday 20 Phil Newman
  Sunday 21 Paul Osborne
Saturday 27 John Uhl
Sunday 28 Randy Elkins

  Saturday 03 Call for Tow
DST Ends Sunday 04 Call for Tow
Saturday 10 Call for Tow
  Sunday 11 Call for Tow
Saturday 17 Call for Tow
  Sunday 18 Call for Tow